1. Construction of family houses to the final stage.

2. Interior adaptations (from the basement to the attic)

3. Renovations and modernizations of residential buildings, public utility buildings and industrial objects

4. Insulations provided for already existing buildings and new objects

5. Internal and external plasters - made manually or mechanically
- cement, by a gun, cement and lime, acrylic, mineral, mosaic and gypsum

6. Roofs
- roof works on new roofs and repairs of already existing flat roofs, due to the paper boards technology
- roof works on new roofs and renovation of already existing ones - sheet and shingle laying

7. Concrete and cement underlayments

8. Complex finishing works
- dry plasters
- gypsum surfaces
- gypsum-board works
- floors and tiles
- floor panels
- interior painting
- under slung ceilings - gypsum and coffers

9. Sale of the wooden products, PCV windows, plaster pastas, paper boards

10. Production and assembly of individually designed furniture (kitchens, wardrobes, shelves), wooden stairs and untypical structures

11. Valuations, cost calculations, pre-surveys of works

12. Construction works management


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